International Tennis Hall of Fame

194 Bellevue Avenue

Newport, RI 02840
PHONE: (401) 849-3990

Don't let the unassuming storefront in downtown Newport fool you. As soon as you wander through the arched entryway and see the historic grass tennis courts and architecture, you'll be transported to a different time and a spectacular place. The International Tennis Hall of Fame is housed in the Newport Casino, built in 1880. It began as a social club for the East Coast elite who summered by the sea. One year later, the sprawling 7-acre property was home to the first U.S. National Championships-now called the US Open.
What better place to open a Hall of Fame than where American tournament tennis was born? Established in 1954, the Hall of Fame's purpose is to honor the most decorated champions and leading contributors to the sport, celebrate the game, and preserve its history. Fast-forward 60 years to a brand-new museum. More than just a collection of memorabilia, it's a collection of stories-brought to life through state-of-the-art technology and multimedia displays, including the only hologram at an American Sports Museum. From the birth of tennis in 12th century Europe through the champions of today, you’ll get a unique perspective on the evolution of the game; how its personalities influenced, fashion, culture and society…and how they changed the world.

This National Historic Landmark was designed in 1880 by the renowned architects McKim, Mead & White, and it stands as one of the nation’s most impressive examples of Shingle Style architecture.

Tennis has been an inspiration for many artists. The collection features everything from a Renaissance painting from 1538 to an Andy Warhol portrait of Chris Evert.

Some were cultural icons with rock star appeal. Others made a significant impact on society. Learn how our Hall of Famers broke down the barriers for race, gender and physical disabilities.

Our collection boasts over 25,000 artifacts. Currently on display are nearly 2,000 objects spanning hundreds of years. Trophies, fashion, memorabilia, and an impressive array of tennis-inspired art. They ranged from historic (the patent for the game of tennis signed by Queen Victoria in 1874) to hard rock (an electric guitar that belonged to 1977 Australian Open champion Vitas Gerulaitas.

Sparkling rhinestone dresses donned by Virginia Wade and Martina Navratilova in the 1970s, performance wear that enabled legends like Andre Agassi and Rod Laver to succeed on the sport’s biggest stages, and today’s custom creations worn by the Williams sisters are among the pieces that showcase the evolution of tennis.

The tennis superstar might not be here in person when you visit, but your guests will feel like they’re having a chat with the 18-time Grand Slam champion when they step into our one-of-a-kind Roger Federer hologram.

Our touch table includes a tennis history trivia game that will really get you thinking.

Grab your racquets. Put on your tennis whites and play the game on its original surface. The 13 beautifully manicured grass courts are open for Hall of Fame visitors. Make it a family affair. Or go solo and take a private lesson with one of our pros. After all, where else can you play on the same courts that have been graced by Rod Laver, Chrissie Evert, and so many other tennis legends? Reservations required. Call for details.

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